Rhena Dos Santos: Let’s Visit Timor Leste

Air Panorama Close to Nicolau Lobato International Airport of Dili, Timor Leste. Photo by : Fortuna

East Timor is beautiful, sexy and certainly attractive to those who want to explore it further. Do not hesitate. Come and explore our tourist destinations that stretch from the city of Dili to Lospalos at the easternmost tip of the island of Timor, the country of Timor Leste, that was the invitation of Rhena, sweet wench from Lospalos Timor Leste when asked for her comments regarding the potential of local tourism and how to make it a new economic resource in the new country.

To Fortuna, this young girl whose full name is OdiliaFlorezentinaFelisberta Dos Santos said that Timor Leste has a magnet and attractiveness that is good in nature, marine, culture and also historic sites. The tourist destination is a pride for East Timor’s young generation who are ready to be exposed to foreign countries.

Some of the most popular historical sites in Timor Leste include Arquivo Nacional da Luta or Resistencia da RDTL as well as the hideout for warrior leaders for 24 years while still joining Indonesia. Jose Alexander XananaGusmao’s hideout in Lahane in 1992 and in Lacoto Dare Aileu in 1989, for example, is now a site that has historical and academic value.

“I am happy because tourism places like Jaco, Monumento papa, Joao Paulo Segando, Pouzada / Tutuala Villa, Paulo Atouro, MonumentoLifou De CuoAmbeno, Pouzada / Maubesi Vila, Mount Ramelau, Mount Matebian, Santuorio de Soibada are the favorites nowadays. , “Said the young girl from Lere Anan Timur de Lospolos (State High School) Lospalos.

RHena Dos Santo. Photo: Doc. RHena

Then, what must be done to provide more benefits to the tourism assets in this country, Rhena said promotion to the international world to attract tourists to visit the region is a must. Another way is to encourage the RDTL state government to allocate a budget in the field of tourism for the improvement of electricity, roads, water, and construction of hotels / villas that are comfortable and of international standard, “said the girl who aspires to be a doctor.

As the millennial generation, Rhena is totally ready to promote East Timor’s tourist attraction known in the international tourism community through social media. The goal is to be known, visited so as to provide benefits for increasing the turnover of tourism services businesses and also increase the country’s foreign exchange.

The half breed girl of Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia and Lospalos Timor Leste admirers of ikat weaving also encourage the government to develop and promote historical tourist spots, cultural heritage of the ancestors, traditional dances, ikat weaving, traditional, tebedahur, belis / berlaqueadosystem because of all of that becomes a reflection of national identity and wealth of Timorese ancestral heritage. (tim/42na)

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