SMK Cinta Damai Manggarai Timur, Pioneer of Flores Tourism Human Resources

Cinta Damai Students Pratice Hotel Facilities

The progress of infrastructure development and tourism destinations in an area must be in line with the readiness of Human Resources (HR). Flores, East Nusa Tenggara needs tourism professionals who are ready to use. The goal is to offset the rate of movement of this sector. The presence of Cinta Damai Vocational School in Borong, East Manggarai Regency, for example, is seen as an effective solution to strengthen the need for professional tourism workforce on the island.

Cinta Damai SMK (Vocational School) was present in 2012 under the umbrella of the Cinta Damai Education Foundation. The concentration that is targeted is the Hospitality Department and the Department of Tourism Services. Starting this year the management of this institution also opened the Culinary art Department.

These three departments are considered to be very actual and strategic along with the trend of regional progress and the needs of the Flores labor market which are now increasingly active in the tourism sector.

Students of SMK Cinta Damai

Present with enthusiasm to give birth to a young generation of professionals in the field of tourism, the Cinta Damai Borong Vocational School seemed to be a fresh breeze for the people in the Manggarai Raya region. This is proven by the high public interest to send their children to Cinta Damai Vocational School. Currently there are approximately 450 students studying at the vocational school. That number has increased sharply from year to year. Even for the 2018 school year, Cinta Damai Vocational School successfully attracted more than 225 new students.

It must be admitted that even as a new institution, the Cinta Damai Borong Foundation Management and manager began to show their professionalism. Supporting facilities and teaching staff HR are the main requirements. During the 6 years of work, the management has built 10 permanent classrooms and prepared reliable teaching human resources with a trusted academic background.

The superiority of Cinta Damai Vocational School is also the application of a practical learning model, with an atmosphere of friendly academic environment that is comfortable and competitive for its students.

With Manggarainese Local Uniform Performance

It is not surprising that the hard work for the past 6 years has produced results. Many looked up to the school. Various parties with their way of providing serious support for the progress of the institution.

Not a luxury hotel practice with complete practice equipment with standards presented to support student practicum at this institution. The hotel has a one-story design that stands out as the result of the communication of the manager and support from the central government through the DAK fund post.

Chairman of the Cinta Damai Education Foundation, Agus Harum, SPd, Amd, Par, MM said that the presence of Cinta Damai Vocational School in Borong was part of real participation to improve the quality of human resources to support the acceleration of tourism development in Manggarai Flores. According to Agus this Vocational High School must be a pioneer in improving Tourism HR in Flores.

He is committed to giving birth to graduates who are competent, proficient and ready to be absorbed in the labor market.

Computer and Tourism Ticketing Class Laboratory

Currently he said, the total number of students of Cinta Damai Borong Vocational School is currently 450 people divided into 10 classes. In addition to having reliable teaching human resources, it is also building two new classrooms to meet the student quota. Other carrying capacity is a Standard Practice Hotel, a Laboratory with 35 computer units, a library and 1 operational car and guide practice.

“Our facilities are slowly but eventually meet the standards. This institution is assisted by 24 professional staff consisting of 20 teachers, 2 employees and security guards. With the existing carrying capacity, we are certainly committed to giving birth to graduates who are compotent, proficient and ready to be absorbed in the labor market, “Agus Harum told Fortuna Magazine in Kupang (31/8). (fdl / 42na)

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