Wair Batik, Beautiful Antelope Canyon Curves in Maumere

The Charm of Wair Batik looks like a Canyon Curves. Photo : Ooz Gobang

Text : Mario Sina/ Photo by : Yosef Budiman

The Wair Batik, in the minds of the citizens must be an areacovered by forest which has become a buffer for drinking water needs for residents in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The scenery is charming, cool and gives a unique sensation to the travelers. Tourists who often arrive here said that the Wair Batik are tourist spots that resembles the Antelop Canyon Cave

Even so, not many residents or tourists know that besides being a source of water, Wair Batik has also been transformed into a new tourist destination that is worth visiting.

The “Wair Batik” spring is actually in the village of Koting C. The location of this tour can be reached by motorized vehicles from the City of Maumere to Koting C as far as approximately 12 km or 25 minutes away.

Entering this area, you will find 4 buildings of brown-lined bamboo huts and zinc roofs prepared by the local Village Government for each traveler for a moment before visiting Wair Batik. This cottage is to rest while enjoying the food that is brought.

One thing that must be known to the traveler when visiting Wair Batik is that there are no food vendors. It is recommended that tourists bring food from home. There is also no local guide in this place so that visiting in groups is highly recommended. Local guides are important because from the bathing point to Canyon Cave, you have to go along the 1 kilometer long. There are no signposts that make you get lost if you come alone.

There are Traditional Bamboo Gazebos before entering Wair Batik palace. Photo : Yosef Budiman

For a moment resting in a bamboo hut, you can step foot along the rocks to reach the public bathing point. Lush trees seemed to cover you for walking down the road.Here besides there is a public bathing pool, going along with the flow of small water to the upstream point of the spring is a unique sensation. From the upstream of the spring there are rocks in the form of layers with unique patterns.

Interestingly, your eyes will be as if you don’t believe in the natural scenery at Wair batik. Pattern rock basins that appear to be layered with a mixture of brownish yellow degradation. Walking along the clear water towards the Antelop Cave Canyon Wair Batik offers the most beautiful spots that are dear if not documented. Along the way, you will also find several soil basins that can be used as a place to take a break if you are exhausted.

Photo : Yosep Budiman

We seemed to arrive at the entrance to the Antelop Canyon Cave. At the point of entry, there is already a large water reservoir that covers the spring. We stepped slowly into the basin that resembles the Antelop Canyon Cave, about 10 meters long.

Wair Batik Visitor. Photo : Budy Acry

The upper part of the basin with multiple layers precisely on the left and right sides of the forest is various kinds of wood such as forest palm trees and various trees with other hanging roots. The sunlight entering through the forest grove just above the basin, giving a dramatic and calm impression.

At the bottom of the basin both the left and right sides are now lined with retaining plaster and the part of the land which is all usually inundated by water, has now been floored by the Lela Village Government.

After enjoying the beautiful basin that feels like a rock in Antelope Canyon America, in my heart I muttered, there is no need to go far to America to find these unique rock formations. Come to Wair Batik. The layered stone basin as if to bring you to a different sensation of adventure.

For tourists who have just visited, there is no guide in this location so the right choice is to contact the local village so that it can be delivered to the location of Wair Batik Tourism Object. If not, you will be confused and look for where the beautiful layered basin is the target of both local and foreign tourists. (Mario Sina / 42na).

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