Logu Senhor,The Still Portuguese’ Inheritance Friday Procession Cellebration in Kampung Sikka, Flores

Rituals of Logu Senhor. Photo by; xaver Keytimu

Easter is a momentum of resurrection for Christians around the world. The faith event is truly comprehended by Christians through the event of procession of the Torment Story of Jesus Christ who willingly sacrificed His life for the sake of mankind.

In the province of East Nusa Tengggara Indonesia, the traditional Easter celebration of Portuguese heritage is still attached and celebrated from generation to generation in Larantuka-East Flores, in Noemuti-North Central Timor, and in the village of Sikka, Sikka Regency. The events of Samana Santa in East Flores, Kure in Noemuti-North Central Timor Regency, and Logu Senhor in Sikka are held annually.

The three religious rituals are still inherited and celebrated every year on the period of Holy Week. For those who admire the religious tour, please participate these events.

The presence of religious community of Logu Senhor. Photo bt : xaver Keytimu

Logu Senhor (Logu=bow, Senhor=Lord) is to bow under the Cross of the Lord usually done by thousands of Catholics and pilgrims at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, Sikka village, Maumere diocese.

The catholic communities come not only from the village of Sikka, but also outside the region and even from all Indonesia. Sikka village is located in southern, coastal district of Sikka and takes about 45 minutes from the town of Maumere.

The presence of religious community willingly want to participate hereditary holy devotion in the island. All participants usually attend for particular intentions, wearing dark colored clothing and uniquely, around 75% of them wear ikat weaving clothes which makes the procession more exotically.

St.Ignatius Loyola, Old Portuguese Sikka Church. Photo : Special

In the ritual, the Cross of the Lord that is stored in a crate carried on the shoulders of four men of Dara Bogar descendant family. In celebration of Easter in 2018, for example, it was carried by Thomas Edison Selong Karwayu, Vinsensius Quirinus Karwayu, Kanisius Luis Karwayu, and Constantine Wihelmus Karwayu.

They wore Lipa Lesu, the dark-colored shirts with sarong and destar as headbands. In addition to the four men of Dara Bogar carry the crate or commonly called Witi Senhor, there are also 10 women in black clothes make the impression of grief and lamentation. The ten women are always staying at the side of the crate of Senhor when it is being placed on the altar of the church or in any irmida (stopping-place).

Logu Senhor is actually a kind of devotion in the goodness of God, who has volunteered His Son died on the cross. Devotion to Jesus until His death on the cross. That is the history of Logu Senhor that we celebrate continuously every day, “said a committee, Gregory Tamela.

He said that religious communities who want to take part in this procession must register in advance at the committee with a registration fee of Rp 25,000,-. Each must have a candle in hand. The current number of pilgrims in attendance is increasing from year to year. In 2017 for example, there were thousand of people, while 2018 the number of pilgrims reached more than two thounsands of people.

In Church Procession Rituals. Photo BY; Ooz Gobang

On 2019 he targets more than three thousands of catholics people from all over Maumere and other regions will follow the traditional Easter Logu Senhor in Sikka Village.

“This Logu Senhor is actually a kind of devotion in the goodness of God, the Father, who has volunteered his Son died on the cross. Devotion to Jesus until His death on the cross. That is the history of Logu Senhor we keep continually every day”, said the committee of Logu Senhor, Gregorius Tamela who excitedly told the story of Logu Senhor to Fortuna Media. (Team/42na).


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