Uma Uta, the Best Indonesian Tourism Village

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia presented awards to the top 10 Community Based Tourism (CBT). The ten tourism villages that were awarded were Nglinggo DI Yogyakarta Village, Semen Jawa Tourism Village, Sanur Kauh Bali Tourism Village, West Java Batu Layang Tourism Village, Uma Uta Village East Nusa Tenggara, Bali Abang Batu Dinding Tourism Village, Nagarilawang Sumatra Tourism Village West, Kemenuh Bali Tourism Village, Tourism Village Kubu Gadang West Sumatra and Krebet Binangun Tourism Village DI Yogyakarta.

Uma Uta Village, Bola District Sikka Regency in this assessment occupies the Fifth Best in the management of National Level Tourism Village CBT.

The award was given at Sapta Pesona Building, Balesung Soesilo Sudirman, on Wednesday (05/12/2018). The award was submitted by Deputy for Institutional Development, Rizky Handayani, to the Chairperson of the Studio Group Doka Tawa Tana, Uma Uta Village, Cletus Beru. The awardare thecharter, placard and cash of 5 million rupiahs.

Present at the occasion were the Secretary of the Sikka Regency Tourism Office Petrus Poling, all representatives of CBT awardee from all over Indonesia, relevant officials and several CBT management, Doka Tawa Tana, Maumere.

Secretary of the Sikka Regency Tourism Office Petrus Poling to Fortuna at the time admitted that he was proud of the achievements achieved by CBT Doka Tawa Tana, led by Cletus Beru. He expressed his appreciation for the fighting spirit and persistence of Cletus and all members of CBT who have dedicated themselves for approximately 8 years to building art and cultural tourism in the village of Uma Uta.

Petrus hopes that the award can spur the implementation of Uma Uta’s CBT so that in the future it can be better managed in collaboration with the Sikka Tourism Office. Petrus also asked Cletus not to hesitate to become a facilitator in the village tourism development program in the Sikka Regency. The aim is to create a new “Cletus-Cletus” in Sikka district who really devotehimself to fellow citizens to take care of tourism in their environment

While Cletus Beru told Fortuna after receiving the award, he told the struggle to preserve the culture of his ancestors which started from establishing the Doka Tawa Tana studio in 2010. The historic momentum for him was the time when the ancestral heritage was revived. Some of the activities carried out by Cletus together with the Doka Tawa Tana studio were dance performances, music of stringed instruments and flutes, attractions of traditional tie weaving processes, weaving sarongs and slings of local cotton, coloring plants and local cotton, training in making natural dyes for High school, middle schoolteenagers and other youths , training in making souvenirs from local materials and sarongs for the workforce age, workshops on cotton-based weaving and local plant coloring, to education of techniques and manners to receive tourists.

According to him, the award is self-motivation for him and for all members of the community group to become more active in developing villages and supporting tourism industries in Sikka district. (Laurens / 42na-Jakarta)

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