Tapak Kera Beach in Lampung

Lampung Tapak Kera Beach. Photo By : Ooz Gobang

Another tourist destination that is served by Sai Bumi Ruwa Jurai, which is located in the village of Kenjuruan, Merak Belantung, Kalinda, South Lampung, Lampung Province. Tapak Kera Beach, that’s the name. This beach is fairly new in the eyes of travelers.

Initially this beach was known as Penapa Kekha in the Lampung language, which means the place where monkeys meditate and rest. It is said that this place became a resting place for monkeys when the sea water receded. You can imagine hundreds of monkeys resting along this beach. However, now we cannot find any monkeys on the beach of Tapak Kera.

In addition there are also myths that the place is guarded by a white crocodile. This myth is proven by the existence of a long stone that resembles a crocodile. Every traveler who comes this place is encouraged to take care of every word and attitude.

Access to Tapak Kera Beach is quite easy. It is about 57km from Bandar Lampung City or about 2 hours drive to Kalianda, and if from the Bakaehuni Sea Port it is only around 1 hour trip, making this beach worthy of being chosen as a refreshing place on your family holiday.

Tapak Kera Beach is a white sand beach decorated with coral that lined the coast. The rock that was carved naturally by the Creator stood up stoutly facing the storm of the sea and the roar of the waves which were quite ferocious.

For those who like hiking, the coral reefs on this beach  is an incredible sensation. There is also a reef that looks like an entrance, I call it a “hollow coral”. In addition there are also corals that form like stupas and coral terraces like beautiful temples. It is very amazing. (Ooz Gobang / 42na)

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