Studio OSA, Introduce Sumba Ethnic Music

Photo : Elson

Wanna know the unique ethnic music of the island of Sumba in the province of East Nusa Tenggara? Come and visit Sanggar (Studio) OSA in Sumba land. The cultural arts studio was established on September 1, 2012 at the initiation of Elson Umbu Riada. This studio is a learning house and a vehicle for the young people in the field of culture, especially in Central Sumba Regency

The OSA studio developed several sub-music including OSA vocal group, OSA mini choir, OSA accapella, OSA band / acoustic, OSA dance creation, and OSA traditional music. Not only that, Elson’s creative ideas and peers are also able to prepare the medium for young people who have talents in the fields of information, entertainment and broadcasting. This segment was marked by establishing OSA Community Radio on March 10, 2017 and publishing a bulletin named OSA online.

In its effort for approximately 6 years since 2012, many monumental works have been written by OSA for the sake of conservation and the achievements of the young generation in Sumba. Some of them were involved in the Vocal Group, Pop Singer Sumba Cultural Performance, Indonesian Independence Day Concert, spiritual concert “Praise for God” also participated in the XIX Sumba Cultural Art Show in Central Sumba.

All the creativity and results achieved by contestants from Sanggar OSA certainly cannot be separated from the figure of Elson UmbuRiada. He has great talent. He was able to move his team to keep being creative. Their music always depart from original local themes. The latest, the Osa Team was able to create a variety of traditional music arrangements to accompany the Sumba Tengah creation dance. The one that has been contested is the Riki Meri dance with Osamu ethnic special music.

Until now, the OSA Art Studio has created more than 1000 song titles and even some of the songs are often competed by pop singers, vocal groups, and duets in Central Sumba Regency and all over the island of Sumba. Later the OsamuethniC Team was able to integrate the collaboration of traditional Sumba arrangement with modern musical instruments. All of the songs created by OSA can also be linked on the YoutubeaccountOSA ONLINE.

Not only that, through OSA Community Radio they also continued to introduce information about traditional musical instruments that the CentralSumba community had forgotten to the outside world through posting or videos on the OSA Online Fan Page and the OSA-Orang SumbaAsliYoutube account.

At present Elson and more than 50 members are divided into OSA Junior teams and OSASenior team. These compositions of personnel, Elson organized OSA studio is a creative space for young people as well as a place for preserving cultural arts in Central Sumba.

It is true that Central Sumba’s cultural arts are very numerous but are now becoming rare and fading into the age. Through the OSA Art Studio, the cultural arts are no longer merely displaying aesthetic charm but are also the medium of Sumba’s promotion to the world of the philosophy of courtesy, harmonious and peaceful Sumba people.

“Our determination is that OSA Art Studio and OSA Art Community Radio must be the pioneers of the art so that the wealth of Sumba’s culture remains and develops from time to time,” Elson said optimistically. (Linda / 42na)

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