Opened Tourism Investment at Wini

Tourism Panorama of Wini. Photo : Istimewa

Timor Tengah Utara (TTU) is one of the districts on Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province which is directly adjacent to the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. Some other districts are TTS, Belu and Malaka District.

The Wini area in TTU district which borders the Oekusi District of East Timor is now being dressed as a very beautiful small city. This charm will sooner or later potentially support the acceleration of regional economic movements. The development of the tourism sector can be one of the key sectors that must continue to be developed. Tourism investation in Wini is a necessity and opportunity that must be captured by the capital owner.

Deputy Chairperson of TTU DPRD Amandus Nahas said that Wini’s strategic position in TTU district, which borders directly with Oekusi, Timor Leste is bargaining for Regional Government to encourage increased investment and infrastructure development to trigger tourism-based regional economic movements.

All development matters related to tourism in TTU regency are said to be directed to organize the Wini enclave area into a sexy and strategic new destination to boost regional progress and improve the economy of the community.

“The central government has indeed set the face of the border on a large scale to encourage progress across sectors.  DPRD certainly asks the regional government to maximize the border issues which are now a national issue to be followed up according to regional authority. Investment in tourism is an urgent need, “Amandus told Fortuna recently at Kefamenanu

It is said that the arrangement of the city of Wini which is sufficient for him must be followed by theeffort of Regional Government to open up investment opportunities for potential investors to invest in Wini. Investors can target capital in the field of hospitality, housing / settlements as well as shopping centers. Entrepreneurs and local people are also asked to build a homestay and or culinary business that can be offered to guests and anyone visiting the border door.

It is true that as a border area all supporting infrastructure and public service facilities must be encouraged. Wini Port must immediately be used as the main loading and unloading port to supply various staple food and other products directly from Surabaya. Likewise, the Tanjung Bastian Beach area and the Wini basin fortified with exotic rock mountains must be “sold” as a sexy tourist attraction and trigger interest in tourist visits. (42na team)


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