In accordance with the provisions of the Minister of Transportation, there are several options for service to aircraft passengers in the cabin, namely full service, medium, low cost services. The airline of TransNusa is in the Medium category which provides snacks and mineral water to passengers. This service is also part of pampering customers who want to fly with short routes.

Transnusa is one of the airlines that still applies Free / Free transportation for all passengers with different volumes according to the sector flown. For short routes taken within 1 hour, the airline applies Free Baggage or Baggage for as much as 10 kilograms / passenger. While for medium routes that are flown over 1.5 hours, a free 15 kg baggage / passenger is charged. This provision is also part of customer service obtained when flying with TransNusa

“Yes, amidst the excitement of the discourse and the application of passenger baggage rates to several domestic and foreign airlines, TransNusa did not take part. We stick to the initial provisions of free baggage with a range of 10kg-15 kilograms for each passenger in each sector. This is part of our service plus we will continue to provide loyal TransNusa customers, “Juniawan Situmorang  General M PT. TransNusa Aviation Mandiri in the Whatsapp service to (team / 42na)

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