Surge in Dili – Denpasar Passengers Ahead in Christmas and New Year Holidays

Ambrasador Sahat Sitorus met the three management leaders of the Flight Operator in Dili Last moment. Photo: Doc.Fortuna

Ambassador (Ambassador) of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Democracy East Timor (RDTL), SahatSitorus asked all Indonesian airlines entering Dili to be able topressing the charge to a reasonable extent despite price competition entering the holiday seasonthe end of the year and the Christmas-New Year celebration.

The ambassador’s request follows an increase in airplane tickets and a surge of passengers ahead in Holiday season and Christmas. Many national and International airlinesbegan installing the highest rates for all routes served. The increase rate of prices also occurred on flight routes from Dili-Timor Leste to Indonesia viaDenpasar, Bali

Citilink, NAM Air and Sriwijaya Air flight operators from Presidente AirportNicolauLobato Dili, Timor Leste is now starting to fix ticket prices with 240 USD Dollar for one fly. This rate is sure to continue to rise considering the demand of passengers ahead in Christmas and New Year holidays.

He has met the three management leaders of the flight operator to asking for support. The agreement on ticket prices is still adjusted between supply and demand.

To reduce the surge of passengers, Sitorus even requested TransNusaManagementto re-operate the Kupang-Dili-Kupang international route because this route is believed to be very prospective.

For him with TransNusa flying in Dili-Kupang route, then the route to Indonesia from Timor Leste, which has only been through the Bali entrance, can be decomposed.

Another impact must be felt by the community because ticket prices will definitely go down.Previously, the TransNusa worked with ManagementTimor Air in Dili to serve the Kupang-Dili, round trip flight route. Even though the system is stillcharter flight, he believes TransNusa is sufficient to help the market of customers’ demands from Dilito Kupang and vice versa.

“Strategic flights from Dili to Kupang, I am very sure that is why we asked themanagement of TransNusa and Air Timor to try to activate this route.This sector will definitely grow eventually because of its exact market share, “he said through serviceWhatsapp to, Tuesday (11/13).

He promised to meet Air Timor Management in Dili to re-operate the Kupang-Dili route, round trip, which had been off for several months. He is also readycoordinate even though the subsidy policy must be carried out by various parties. (team / 42na).

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