It Is Comfortable in Sabu With Rai Hawu Hotel

Special Deluxe Room of Rai Hawu Hotel in Sabu Regency. Photo : Special

Hotel Rai Hawu is located in the village of Eilode, Central Sabu Sub-district, Sabu Raijua Regency. The address of the hotel is on jalan Trans Seba Bolou, it is about 15 km and takes about 50 minutes from the capital of Sabu Raijua Regency. You can access this hotel from the city, either by travel, private cars or motorcycle taxi.

It was built near the air port of Eilode by the owner, Tersila Pontoh and managed by a Director, Jacky Ully, Rai Hawu becomes the only representative hotel for visitors to stay the night and used to hold various activities and events in the region. It is very impressed and attractive because it is close to Menanga beach that also becomes the most attractive tourist destination in Central Sabu Sub-district.

One hotel employee of Rai Hawu, Soleman Manu Padja to Fortuna in Sabu said today Rai Hawu Hotel provided 20 premium rooms consisting of 16 Standard Rooms in the rate of Rp. 500.000, -/night and 4-Executive Rooms in the rate of Rp. 750.000, -/night.

Other facilities provided: Meeting Room with a capacity of 60 seats, Restaurant, Homes Sabu, 4 Lopo, Swimming Pool, Free Wi-Fi, Facilities of TV 32 ‘and 28’ to each room. They have unique flower gardens and they are very beautiful to look at.

The visitors who usually become customers of this hotel are entrepreneurs, NGOs, guests from central and provincial governments, foreign travelers. Besides, it is also used by government to hold various activities. It is usually crowded by visitors on March to December (team/marsel/42na)


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