Welcome and Enjoy the Feast of Kelimutu Lake in Flores

Regent Ende Marsel Petu dan VIce Regent Djafar Ahmad on Traditional Costume while attending a Local Ritual held in a traditional village                    foto : special

Ende regency government, Flores East Nusa Tenggara under the leadership of Regent Marsel Petu and Vice Regent Djafar Ahmad pay serious attention to the development of the tourism sector. Various strategic steps applied by the local government through various promotional events and “sell” world-class tourist objects. Tricolor Lake “Kelimutu” as a tourism icon of Ende will continue to be boosted and campaigned through a variety of supporting events so that tourism asset has expected impacts in tourism industry for the improvement of social welfare.

Ende regent, Marsel Petu to FORTUNA Magazine in Ende recently enthusiastic with Ende regional government’s commitment to promote tourism Kelimutu to be tourism center. One of the prestigious events conducted by regent Marsel during his authority is a Week Feast of Kelimutu Lake for 5 years consecutively. This event will be massive and perform a variety of cultural arts events that involve people of all districts in Ende.

“Tourism Ende in my vision and mission, I would like to make Kelimutu as a tourism center and an icon in Ende. In my mind, to support the development of the tourism industry, we cannot rely solely on the object but we must dare to make any event so every year I am going to hold a Week Feast of Kelimutu (SPDK) on August 7 to 14 this year. We have determined this program in Ende Callender of Tourism Event that is ready to be distributed everywhere, especially to prospective tourists. I really ask the foreign tourist whereever you are, to enjoy this event, “said Marsel.

Local government support for the development of Lake Kelimutu is merely as a buffer because management of Kelimutu is still being done by Kelimutu National Park Management Board (KNP). That is why to organize such event and involving local communities around KNP (Ind. TNK) is imperative. This event would remind public to continue to be grateful for God’s gift to Ende through Kelimutu which is a world wonder so that it attracts so many tourists from different parts of the world to come and watch it. Through this event, we also invite all people to love our local wisdom that Kelimutu, a natural tourism asset has cultural historical value. Lake Kelimutu is natural wonder that is inherent to civilization and culture of the people around the region.

A symbolic of Ende Local People wisdom on a ritual of Pati Ka.
photo : doc.fortuna

SPDK event is designed festively and it becomes a party for the whole society Ende that is still very strong with cultural values. The local government is going to conduct several tourism promotiona events such as cultural art performance, Flores Ethnic Fashion, Coffee Festival, Taga Kamba, Kelimutu Expo,Trekking, and so forth during a week feast (August 7 to 14). There is also a momentum where the government officers, whole society, mosalaki (elders) sit together, eat together and talk about the interests of this region. On August 14, there will be an event Pati Ka Dua Bapu Ata Mata (ritual feeding) for ancestors on Kelimutu mountain pass.

The Regent Marsel also realizes that tourism problem becomes responsibility of all components of society, especially tourism performers such as travel agents, hotels, airlines, guides, Medias and so on. For him, the government as a facilitator only prepares to facilitate through regulations. For that, cooperation among DMO, TMO and other tourism performers is very important, including cooperation among regents from all Flores Lembata to develop Flores tourist area.

Ende Art & Cultural Festival Perfomance.
photo : fortuna

According to Fortuna’s monitoring that in around KNP, there are many home stays, cottages, and also a means of entertainment. This spirit must be followed by readiness of community around tourist object on tourism oriented. As a tourism village, Moni local people and regional communities around KNP are expected to have mindset and travel oriented within each activity. Looking at the increasing tourists visit to Kelimutu insists mental and mindset of local people that like or dislike should be be adjusted to growing dynamics. (tim/42na)

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