Kelimutu Lake Festival, All About Ende and Flores Display Here

Foreign tourist spent their time to enjoy the local people warm greetings close to Kelimutu Lake.
photo : Doc.Fortuna Magazine

Head of Tourism Department Ende Flores East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Derson Duka to Fortuna said that campaigns and tourism promotion programs continue to be boosted as response to determine Ende to be one of the entrances of tourists to the province of NTT. This department must be ready to work optimally for Ende regency tourism promotion including support on programs of the Regent Ende, Marsel Petu to hold a week Feast of Kelimutu Lake.

A week Feast of Kelimutu Lake is a prestigious event. Community of all districts in Ende will take part in this event. This means that all potential of Ende cultural arts will be displayed on this momentum. He hopes all many tourist or who are now in Flores and those who have been in Indonesia right now will come and enjoy this events.

Derson Duka, Head of Ende Tourism Department.
Photo : Fortuna Magazine

By the cooperation with Tourism Ministry Office Jakarta, There are many events will be conducted namely Kelimutu Expo, tracking, Coffee Festival, Flores Ethnic Festivals and so on. We expect the tourists can witness the time schedule for this celebration. This is the time for exploring Ende and all the tourism potencies,”Derson said”.

One of the Ende traditional dance.
photo : doc.fortuna

According to Derson, Ende development as one of the entrances of tourists to NTT and Flores in particular, of course impact improving social economy. One indicator is that many flight companies determine serving routes from and to Ende. This is because Ende is strategic stoping point and this is to enable the government to promote tourism potential of the area.

Other supports are the presence of many hotels and restaurants as well as the support of performers of tourism and tourism organizations like DMO, TMO, Swiss contact, media and others. When all potential and power are combined so the dream of tourism triumph Ende can be achieved. (team/ /42na)


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