Timor, the Land of Thousand Traditional Houses

Tamkesi Traditional House of Timor Tengah Utara.
foto : Fortuna Magazine

The other side of the high valuable potential of Timor Tengah Utara (TTU) Regency East Nusa Tenggara Indoensia but so far it is still forgettable: the entrancement of diverse traditional house/sonaf scattered in every autonomous region. Each traditional house in TTU has its own historical story and fanatic community.

Each also becomes a symbol of unity, community/social group, symbol of struggling as well as the center of indigenous ritual performances as various local beliefs. Each traditional house is headed by a King/Usif with its own life style and belief.

Bana King of Traditional Sonaf.
Photo : Fortuna Magazine

A king/Usif has a lot of followers that will inherit this tradition from generation to generation, especially in organizing traditional rituals. It challenges you to visit each traditional house in TTU because they store a number of heirlooms believed still to have supernatural powers.

Although the three autonomous regions: Biboki Insana and Miomafo have united and become the history of TTU Regency establishment, and each history incision, customs and beliefs make them different.

This can be illustrated in a traditional house/sonaf there. In Insana for example; there are custom homes of Taolin king, Usfinit King, Sonaf Oelolok, in Biboki; there is Sonaf Tamkesi while in Miomafo; there are Sonaf the King of Bana, Sonaf Meslete and many other hefty traditional houses survived by their people.

Those traditional houses can be found everywhere that illustrate social stratification and followers community. Therefore, it is not surprisingly that many people call it the icon/trademark of TTU Regency as Biinmafo earth, “the earth of a thousand traditional houses”. (tim/42na)

Traditional Ritual Cellebration held in Sonaf Meslete.
photo : special/istimewa

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