Beautiful and Typical Ikat Weaving Timor

TTU international class fashion.
foto : Istimewa

TTU Regency known with its typical ikat weaving motifs is alluring. Mothers’ creation of ikat weaving from each region in all TTU Regency is even paid seriously attention by tourists. Most tourists have even ordered their handicraft products in significant amount.

foto : Istimewa

Many kinds of ikat weaving are displayed in stores souvenir Biboki Art Shop and also at various events expo.its amazing that TTU ikat weavings area now hipnotized many people inculuded national and international designer.

foto : istimewa

Shortly one of the national designer and boutigue in Jakarta is proudly held an International  perfomance of TTU Ikat Weaving in New York Fashion Week in Amerika. (tim/42na)

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