To Build TTU Based on Culture

Regent TTU Raymundus Fernandes dan VIce Regent Bupati Aloysius Kobes and couples on with a very beautiful local costume of TTU
photo: Majalah Fortuna

Regent Raymundus Fernandes affirmed that he and Vice Regent Alo Kobes have the same vision to build a culture-based Timor Tengah Utara (TTU) and diversity. Culture and local wisdom are two major strengths that need to be integrated in order to mobilize community participation in supporting government programs.

For us this cultural approach is important in order to place the community as a subject as well as a dignified developmentgoal. The community should be respected, trusted and encouraged to actively participate in the development of the region. With the launch of the SARI TANI program (Desa Mandiri Cinta Petani) and PKP Program (PadatKaryaPangan), the government is keen to show the development of sustainability for the small community, especially the farmers in the villages, “said Raymundus in Kefamenanu not long ago.

With the Sari Tani program, the peasantry becomes more dignified because of its self-worth; they are facilitated with ease, given the budget / capital, there is an assistance and trust to manage the funds independently. Funds amount to Rp300 million per village is used for economic empowerment, start a productive economic enterprise in the spirit of mutual cooperation to improve the degree of life.

Similar to PKP program, in addition to easy access to food sources, farmers are also required to optimize their land use through the stimulus provided by the government. This program is strategic to boost the spirit of farmers to strive, empowering set aside fields by developing various agricultural businesses. In addition to overcoming the threat of food insecurity that has always been an annual scourge, the long-term goal of the PKP program is to give birth to professional and successful farmers to the pensions of farmers

Special Cultural and Traditional Ceremony held by local people in TTU.
Photos: Special /Istimewa

To note, the firm belief that the success of the TTU community from SARI TANI and PKP program is certainly not a matter of concept or merely the imagination of a leader. As a Regent, Raymundus had proved it. Look at the livestock yard built just beside his private house in Kilometer 5th of Kefa-Atambua majors. There are thousands of livestock ranging from large to poultry maintained in this place. Regent Ray wants to prove that there is no reason for a farmer to not succeed if there is a willingness to try, work hard, focus and have a target for his business. The livestock business that has been pioneered for years is certainly a laboratory of people who want to raise livestock. Come and learn directly from the Regent; your own leader. With the livestock business is predicted the results of hundreds of millions and even billions of rupiahs per year can be obtained. This becomes a learning media as well as direct motivation for farmers who want to succeed in the program Sari Tani and PKP which proclaimed by TTU government amid the threat of lazy attitude and mental instant community

“To face the mentality of people in the area that began to develop in the present time need to use the right strategy. There is a time to be persuasive, gentle and, inviting, still there is also a time to be strict to force the community to work for the improvement of the economic degree of the family. Besides giving examples and motivating, I sometimes have to be hard in attitude because only then our society can change, going ahead and improving life, “said Raymundus. (team/ fdl/filemon /42na)

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