Exotic Mausui Savanna in East Manggarai

East Manggarai in Flores holds million natural charms. One of the destinations that became a tourist magnet is now a stretch of Mausui savanna located in WatuNggenedistrict, Kota KombaSubdistrict. In this place you can see beautiful, cool, green,wide plains and witness hundreds of cattle owned by citizens seemingly adorn the arena. Panorama ofMausui is also more complete because it is located right on the edge of WaeWole beach which is one of the best diving spots and can be your tourism choice.

Mausui panorama and local people perfomance

This potential has prompted the government of East Manggarai Regency to continue to exploit the destination to become one of the locations that can be visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Mausuisavanna recently even became the location of local cultural arts festival performances entitled TanjungBendera Festival. The festival was held by the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports District of East Manggarai with theme of Nature Harmony Creation and Culture and succeeded in drawing attention of hundreds of citizens and horse breeders race to compete in the event of the horse parade.

East Manggarai Regent Yoseph Tote when opening the event said the election of Savanna Mausui as the place of the festival because it has a landscape panorama of natural savanna and become a pasture of horses, cattle, and buffaloes from the Rongga tribe community. In addition to it, there is a very beautiful sea park WaeWole and there is a white sand beach stretching with a long coastline reaches 70 kilo meters from the estuary of WaeMokel to the beach CepiWatu in Borong “.

Not far from this location there is an old grave site in SambiLewa and WatuNggene that has been thousands of years old marked with megalithic stone graves. In addition there are stone-shaped men and women genitals are WatuEmbuHaki and WatuEmbu Fai as a place of custom rite ask for rain and fertility. This becomes a worth visiting tourism destination both domestic and foreign tourists, “he said.

Horse riding festival perfomance on Mausui Savana close to Waewole Beach

Head of Tourism, Youth and Sports Agency of East Manggarai Galus Ganggus told reporters on the spare of the event explaining the festival is filled with ornamental horse parades, horse race competitions, and attractions hunting dexterity, which is the cultural heritage of ancestors of Rongga tribe and in East Manggarai generally. Attractions of horse races and hunting dexterity followed by 50 horsemen, and hundreds of parade of ornamental horses.

Media monitoring, TanjungBendera Festival last moment was really a people’s party with thousands of visitors attended from the City of Komba and surrounding areas. The visitors were packed in the racetrack and the hunting dexterity attractions. To reach this location is not difficult. From Bali and Kupang you can land at SoaNgada Airport or Ruteng Airport and then take 2 hours trip to Kota Komba. (team/ humas dispar matim/42na)

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