Government of Japan Funds PenMas in Kupang

The Japanese government through the Japanese embassy in Indonesia is paying serious attention to the improvement of human resources in Kupang City, Province of NTT Indonesia. One of the real steps is to provide building assistance and support learning facilities for informal education groups. 710 million rupiahs donation was provided through the Grassroot Community Learning Community Learning Center (PKBM) Empowering Pemuda Harapan Bangsa Kupang at BMKG Complex Belo Kota Kupang.

The aid project of the Japanese Embassy Grants grant fund has been distributed since 2017 for the construction of 2 new classrooms, laboratory rooms with 10 computers, projector, study desk and whiteboards, 2 restrooms units and school area management. The school building and facilities were finally inaugurated by the Head of the Economy and Government Division of the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta. Mery Takada attended Karo Kesra Setda NTT representing the Governor, Head of Education Office of Kupang City, Secretary III of Embassy of Japan. Kentaro, Chairman of Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM) Empowering Pemuda Harapan Bangsa Kupang Simplisius Boling, related officials and also people participating in the learning program Package A, B and C.

Mery Takada in his speech said the grant program support was given to the Kupang city community as a concrete manifestation of the Japanese government’s attention to the education program in Indonesia. Indonesia and Japan have the same commitment in the field of youth empowerment. The building and the facility also said Takada coincides with the 60th anniversary of cooperation between Indonesia and Japan in 2018. She hopes the existing building and facilities can be used as well as possible to improve the quality of human resources in Kupang City

NTT Governor Frans Lebu Raya through Karo Kesra Barthol Badar expressed his appreciation and appreciation to the Japanese government through the Embassy of Japan for their support and participation in building education in NTT Province. Of course there is a support and same commitment Indonesia and Japan to build a competitive human resources, he said. While Kupang City Education Authority Chief Filmon Lulupoly on the occasion said the city of Kupang as the provincial capital of NTT continues to struggle to increase public participation in improving the quality of education and reducing dropout rates. Currently, he said there are 17 informal educational institutions that continue to partner with the city of Kupang. Filmon hopes that future cooperation will continue to be improved. As host he also invites Mrs. Mery Takada, Mr.Kuntor and his staff Siti to enjoy the charm of the tour including visiting the historical sites of Japanese in Kupang City.

Chairman of the Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM) Empowering Pemuda Harapan Bangsa Kupang Simplisius Boleng in his report said since 5 years of establishment of the institution, it has educated more than 1240 students consisting of 140 person package program A, package B 398 people and package C 702 person. They also help the community drop out to develop life skills in the field of computer, creative economy and so forth. While the chairman of the Communication Forum of Community Learning Activities of Kupang City Polikarpus Do is found separately said the city of Kupang is a barometer of literacy programs in NTT. Equivalently, it continues to communicate with the provincial and central city authorities to continue training activities for out-of-school youth through the program. Enthusiasm of city residents even very high to follow this program is proven every year nearly 600 people who learn through this learning center community. (tim /42na)

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