Welcome the Participants of JELAJAH TANAHUMBA 2018

Fortunaexplore.com – Sumba continues to be the highlight of the world because of its unique charm and becomes a magnet for tourists. On the date of July 05th – 10th 2018 later could be the most appropriate moment for your tour and adventure around Sumba Island. At that time in Sumba will be held Indonesia Adventure Festival (IAF). Tourism promotional event titled “Jelajah Tanahumba” has been running for the last 2 years and followed by many adventurers from local and abroad.

Through this event, tourists will be invited to explore the natural and cultural wealth in four districts located on the island of Sumba. Characterized nature, beautiful nautical, beautiful Sumba cultural treasures and various attractions are ready to be a unique experience that you will encounter in this event.

No need to hesitate for your first time planning time to Sumba. Airline flight access and hotel accommodation are available to you. Even SUMBA ISLAND is considered a well-qualified destination with adequate support from 3A side (Attractions, Amenities, and Access).

Adi Gerimu as event organizer and owner of Way 2 East explains that in 2018, tourists can choose the destination according to their preferences. The focus of this year’s event is the addition of preference into four categories: Nature, Culture, Photography and FAMILY. During 6 days adventure, all participants will meet at the same point, “he said, while adding that participants can access this event via the page http://www.adventurefestival.id

For six days the tourists will be taken around to the Beach, Waterfall, Padang Savannah, Indigenous Rituals, The Process of Ikat Weaving and Pahikung Sumba, taste Sumba typical cuisine in Sumba traditional villages where tourists stay for 3 days in the traditional village to feel and enjoy how to be a Sumbanese for 3 days. This is certainly an experience for tourists.

More specifically,  Tana Humba Exploration  event 2018 will be coinciding with the 1001 Horse Parade Festival of Sandel Horse and Sumba Ikat Weaving. This event is fully supported by local government and community of East Sumba district and all islands in Sumba

East Sumba Regent Gidion Mbliyora to Fortuna admitted the natural beauty and panorama of Sumba. “For the nature of Sumba Island, I used to say 4E namely Extreme, Exotic, Explore, and Expose. Besides nature, there is a Culture. Sumba island has different Cultural Characteristics of each District, including its nautical. Especially now there is the best resort, Nihiwatu resort which is the best resort in the world, “said Gidion

That’s why he continues to promote Sumba and hope more and more participants can be involved in this grand event. Welcome Jelajah Tana Humba 2018. (tim/42na)

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