NTT Four Top Tourism Events – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is now one of 10 national tourism priority destinations. To increase the promotion of tourism and attractions of this region to the national and world stage then the provincial government set 4 flagship events that became branding NTT tourism. The four events include the Komodo Festival in Labuan Bajo, the Liurai Festival in Belu district, the Tour de Flores and the Thousand One Parade of Horses on the island of Sumba. Through these four great events are expected to get closer image of this area to overseas promotion

Head of NTT Tourism Office, Dr. Marius Jelamu, MS.i said the top four branding of NTT has been included in the top 100 national events. The aim is to create attraction in tourism destinations.

It is described that NTT has tourism potential that is very complete and interesting both from the side of the culture marine nature as well as special interest tourism. Panorama of Kelimutu National Park in Ende and Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo is well known to the world. NTT is also known for having the best Nihiwatu hotel in Sumba besides the underwater potential for diving and snorkeling in Maumere, Alor and also the best surfing spot on the island of Rote.

In terms of tourism attractions, NTT has a pasola attraction in Sumba, traditional whaling in Lembata and Caci war dance in Manggarai. Meanwhile, for religious tourism this area became the center of spreading the teachings of the Catholic church of Portuguese in East Flores known as Samana Santa, the Kure traditional Easter in Noemuti North Central Timor and LoguSenhor in Sikka Village.

Marius also appreciated the election of Sumba Island as the most beautiful island in the world by Focus Magazine published in Germany. With the recognition of the island of Sumba as the most beautiful island of the world to be honest impacted on the international tourism marketing extraordinarily, “he said

On various work plans and the implementation of various national and international class events that have full support from the central government, Marius conveyed his gratitude to the Minister of Tourism ArifYahya that has brought NTT closer to the international stage through various touches of acceleration of tourism development in the province of NTT. (tim/42na)

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