NTT Dresses Up Ahead of IMF Delegation Visit World Bank Annual Meeting

In October 2018 IMF WORLD BANK ANNUAL MEETING will be held in Denpasar Bali. Tens of thousands of International delegations will be present including 1000 International journalists who come from approximately 189 countries. After this prestigious meeting, some of the delegates will travel to 7 destinations in Indonesia including Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province.

In NTT, they will visit West Manggarai, Sikka, Ende, Ngada and Manggarai. It is expected that the local government and the community and all stakeholders in these visited Districts will arrange the tourism objects, maintain cleanliness and comfort and receive guests with great hospitality.

It is our pride that thousands of people will come to Nusa Tenggara Timur through two main entrances in Maumere, Labuan Bajo and Ende. I look forward to the whole stakeholders and the people of NTT to be able to receive the visit of these “foreign tourist ambassadors” to NTT. Provide objective and detailed explanations to the visiting international tourists and journalists, “said the Head of NTT Provincial Tourism, Marius Jelamu to reporters in Kupang recently.

As a technical institution that manages the tourism sector, Marius promised to continue to coordinate between the central, provincial and district governments. He said “Because of the presence of the IMF delegation, this meeting becomes a momentum to capture the promotion of NTT tourism directly to the world’s top officials who in fact have monetary authority in their respective countries to create cooperation of tourism promotion in their country with Indonesia.

It is expected that all government, stakeholders and NTT people will be prepared to prepare their respective regions to welcome the delegation of the world. (tim/42na)

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